5-Day Plan to start learning WordPress.org for tech-savvy moms

Beginning to learn WordPress requires many searches, not the least of which challenges where to start. When I was new to WordPress, understanding the first steps easily became overwhelming and confusing. 

But, once I started learning the options, I discovered it doesn’t take months to learn the basics. In fact, all you need to get started is three new accounts on WordPress, Udemy, and Local by Flywheel and to be comfortable being self-motivated.


This infographic will save your time on searches and provide a 5-day plan to begin discovering WordPress.org without any webdesign and other coding knowledge. So, check it out and start planning your journey to WordPress.

Visual Elements Source: Canva

As you see, the learning process can be straightforward, you can get ready in less than a week.

Here are given all links:

WordPress.org – If you decided to be a “serious friend” of  WordPress, you need to create a username. Your username shouldn’t have special symbols and use default admin as a username. 

Local WP by flywheel – To create a website, you need a domain name and hosting. It usually costs about 70 per year. Since you’re just getting started, you probably want to avoid these expenses and use free services on localhost.

Udemy –  It’s a self-paced course that allowed you to learn on your own time. You can stop the video and continue anytime you want. 





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