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Aleksandra Kendalo - owner and creator at Easy Increasi
Thinking outside the box.

Hi, my name is Aleksandra Kendalo. I’m the founder and leading creator at Easy Increasi.

My greatest passion is marketing. Marketing boosts innovation and helps us to think outside the lines. It is something that can energize a business. Marketing is constantly changing and evolving. I am someone who loves to keep moving. And I have a healthy dose of curiosity to always learn something new.

My educational background includes PG in marketing and MS in telecommunications from Russian Universities. I have a digital marketing certificate from Brain Station School in Toronto and many SEO certificates from popular online courses. 

I advanced from an entry-level position in marketing to senior manager in the headquarters of a big corporation in Russia. For the last 3 years, I’ve built my digital marketing expertise creating websites and SEO strategies for small businesses in Canada as a freelancer. Let’s chat about the marketing needs your business has and boost your online presence.