How to make Google fall in love with your WordPress website? [Infographics for mompreneurs]

With millions of websites appearing in the search results, it's essential to know some tricks that help Google scan a website faster and understand it better. Ultimately, make Google fall in love with your website and pick it from these crowds in the search results.

How to make a website more visible?


Whether you use WordPress, Wix or another website platform, Google algorithms work equally for all of them, crawling the pages and determining the appropriate content for every Google query.

In fact, Google has over 200 ranking factors and changes them regularly, making users’ experiences more seamless and enjoyable. But, at the same, the website owners have to be aware of these factors and changes to keep the content and some on-page features up-to-date that make it more relevant for Google algorithms.

This infographic gives a quick overview of the top-level knowledge about website ranking in the search results. If you are new to this topic, check it out and look over your site for

Visual elements source: Canva

Before you start


If you want to make sure that your website is up on Google, you can use a simple Google Command. Just type “site:” in Google’s search field. Make sure there is no space between your domain and the command. Then, press Enter and see the results. Google will show all pages that are up and visible.

I hope you found it helpful and now you know where to pay attention to improving your website ranking.  




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